Twitch streamers respond to Ludwig’s mind-blowing prime subs raid

Ludwig speaking on Mogul MailYouTube: Ludwig

Up-and-coming Twitch streamers ‘TheExecs’ shared their appreciation out to YouTube star Ludwig ‘Ludwig’ Ahgren and his followers after the team ‘love raided’ their livestream.

Ludwig has firmly established himself as a very generous creator in the streaming community not only with his fellow streamers but with his fans, also.

In doing so, the 27-year-old along with his, as of writing, 3.31 million YouTube subscribers have helped to create one of the most “positive” streaming fanbases.

Never was that more apparent than on July 11 when Ludwig and his followers raided a smaller creator’s livestream. Ludwig’s fans then came out in full force gifting the Twitch streamer a mind-blowing amount of subs and even more uplifting messages.

Ludwig and followers raid smaller creator’s livestream

Twitch streamers Christina and Ed (a.k.a. TheExecs) shared the moment when, unknown to them, YouTube star Ludwig ‘love raided’ their stream along with his followers.

Suddenly being hit with a wave of subs and supportive messages in his chat, Ed looked on in shock crying out: “Bro, what is going on? Oh my god, no way.” He then called his partner Christina as they cried with joy.

Ludwig himself also couldn’t believe the incredible work of his followers. Especially as the Ed’s hype train increased by 10,000%.

TheExecs, who currently have 7k followers on Twitch were understandably overwhelmed by the “wholesome” gesture. They later took to Twitter to sent out a long and appreciative message to Ludwig and his fanbase.

“It’s such a rare thing to be a recipient of such kindness and altruism which we’ll forever be grateful for. We promise to pay it forward. Thank you, thank you, thank you Ludwig.”

Ludwig similarly shared his support out to the streaming couple as the moment touched the hearts of thousands of followers on Twitter.