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Twitch streamer’s cat has bizarre fight with microphone

Published: 17/Jan/2020 15:30

by Jacob Hale


A Twitch streamer’s cat sent his broadcast into chaos after attacking the microphone, biting it, and making some truly strange noises that spun the stream on its head entirely.

Pets can be some of the best additions to a streamer’s setup. As much as your favorite streamer may be entertaining, sometimes a cute dog, cat or something entirely different can bring some heartwarming or hilarious moments to a broadcast.

In the past, we’ve seen dogs trying to be the star of the show and cats ruining shows in the most disgusting way possible, but this cat took a new direction in making himself the main attraction.


Instagram: theharryhorrorshow
TheHarryHorrorShow is a true crime and conspiracy streamer on Twitch.

While doing a true crime stream, looking at the story of the “Nightstalker Killer,” TheHarryHorrorShow had to put the stream on hold to address his pet cat, who had taken refuge on his desk in front of the camera and was desperately trying to get the streamer’s attention.

Following being put down twice after nipping at Harry and making herself comfy on his lap, she finally jumped back up and, unable to keep Harry away from his desk, decided to take down his streaming setup instead.

She started biting at the microphone, making scratching noises and then emitting some strange, unreplicable whining noises that sufficiently expressed her dismay.


Her persistence left Harry, and all of his viewers, in hysterics, clearly resigned to the fact that this stream would have to take a little longer than expected as she refused to pass the spotlight back to her owner.

Eventually, the streamer moved the bench she was using to jump up to his desk so that she could no longer get in the way, but she looked dismayed at what he had done to her, finally leaving the room.

Although the story being told in the stream was very heavy and dark, it lightened up surprisingly quickly when the cat made her presence known and turning the entire stream on its head. Not a bad distraction.