TSM Myth adds James Charles to list of perfect impressions

TSM Myth and James CharlesInstagram: tsm_myth / jamescharles

Fortnite and Twitch star Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani has a highlight reel of incredible impressions he’s done of other major online personalities – and now he’s added make-up and beauty YouTuber James Charles to the list.

Myth’s list of impressions is an impressive one. He has recreated some iconic xQc phrases, as well as a hilarious impression of NICKMERCS that even the man himself enjoyed.

James Charles has become Myth’s latest source of inspiration, showing that he’s more than just good at channeling his fellow gamers.

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James Charles in red dress on InstagramInstagram: jamescharles
James Charles has amassed over 16.6 million subscribers in his time on YouTube at only 20 years of age.

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In a January 17 stream, Myth was asked by a viewer about his skincare routine. The answer started out sounding fairly series, but the TSM member quickly saw an opportunity to bring Charles to his audience in a unique way, and he took it.

“Let me take you through my entire skincare process,” he started, before using Charles’ iconic “sisters” phrase. “It is quite the process, sisters. In this episode of this Snapchat story, I am going to go through my entire skincare regimen that I go through every single day.”

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As well as having the voice on point, Myth managed to mimic Charles’ facial expressions and hand movements to an absurd degree of accuracy.

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Continuing his impression, blurring the lines between whether he was acting or genuinely giving advice, he says: “At the end of the day, I like to take some water and splash it on my face. It’s really good to clear out the pores, really natural.”

After this, he laughed it off and said more seriously that he just washes his face with water three or four times a day, before admitting that he thinks he “just got good genes.”

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Naturally, his viewers absolutely lapped it up, spamming emotes and laughing at the streamer’s fantastic impression. One viewer even suggested he start a beauty channel on YouTube, which would definitely be a surprise turn for the streamer.

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Of course, James Charles is no stranger to the gaming world, either. In July 2019 he played Minecraft with PewDiePie and has frequently tweeted about his love for the game as well as playing other titles such as Fortnite in the past.

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Maybe one day soon we’ll see Myth and James Charles streaming together, but for now, this impression is the best we’re going to get.

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