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Twitch streamer narrowly escapes dangerous encounter on fishing trip

Published: 23/Oct/2021 19:19

by Julian Young


Twitch streamer ‘SoFloWildlife’ is no stranger to the dangers of fishing, but this broadcaster was in for a surprise after narrowly escaping an encounter with a deadly barracuda.

IRL content creation has become a staple on both Twitch and YouTube in recent years, with streamers gearing up and setting out to capture the most incredible experiences they can think of.

Whether it’s a wholesome moment during a painting stream, or going over-the-top to create their own version of Squid Game, some of the most memorable content in recent years has come from IRL streamers.

Unfortunately, for Twitch partner ‘SoFloWildlife,’ a self-described “marine biologist, ecologist, [and] fisherman,” his latest journey out on the ocean almost ended in disaster when he came face-to-face with a deadly barracuda.


SoFloWildlife Barracuda Catch
Twitch / SoFloWildlife
SoFloWildlife’s latest catch didn’t go down without a fight.

While streaming another one of his fishing adventures on October 23, SoFlo and his fishing partner encountered quite a big haul, which they had to struggle with for several minutes before finally getting it out of the water and onto their ship.

“That’s a nice one!” he exclaimed after finally getting their catch into the boat. “What a fight,” he continued, before confirming “[that’s] a barracuda!” He also made note of just how dangerous this particular fish can be: “They have ridiculous teeth.”

Unfortunately for the Twitch streamer, he came a little closer to the aquatic predator’s mouth than he had planned. While bending down to grab the fish and deposit it in one of their coolers, SoFlo came face-to-face with its deadly teeth — literally.


“Oh my god!” SoFlo exclaimed as the barracuda threw itself up towards his face and attempted to take a bite out of the Twitch streamer. “He got me right in the lip!”

Fortunately, he was unharmed, and after checking to make sure no serious damage had been done, the content creator even joked with his catch about the close call.

“Chill fish! What the heck was that?” he exclaimed. “I feel like I just got punched in the lip. Luckily I didn’t get slashed there.”

While the streamer emerged unharmed from the situation, it serves as a sobering reminder of just how deadly even smaller fish like a barracuda can be. We’ll just have to wait and see what other incredible catches SoFlo is able to drag up from the ocean.