Linus Tech Tips gifts Hasan communist PC with “Eat The Rich” passcode

hasan linusLinus Tech Tips/Hasan

YouTuber Linus Tech Tips trolled Twitch star Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker when he sent him a new PC with a few features that make fun of the streamer’s political views.

Hasan has been expecting a new PC from Linus Tech Tips with a few interesting features baked in.

On October 15, Linus let slip some of the surprises that Hasan should be prepared for, and said: “every time you boot it up, you get to listen to not just a little bit of, but the entire Soviet Union national anthem.”

Hasan has now received the PC, and discovered all the hilarious bits Linus managed to pack into it.

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Hasan Piker Twitch streamerInstagram: hasandpiker
Hasan Piker was originally a political commentator before becoming a full-time Twitch streamer.

Linus trolls Hasan with “communist” PC

Hasan got the PC in the mail on October 22, and booted it up live on Twitch. In order to log in to the computer, a password was needed.

He said, “Password? Eat The Rich?” Hasan typed in “Eat The Rich”, and it was successful.

Right after getting into the PC, a video of the Communist Party’s flag and Hasan float around the screen with the State Anthem of the Soviet Union playing in the background.

Another gag by Linus was removing the legs on the PC’s left side, literally making it a “left-leaning” computer.

Thankfully, Hasan didn’t take the jokes to heart and was able to have a laugh at the computer Linus constructed for him.

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When Hasan was setting up the computer on stream, the missing left legs seemed to drop the PC directly onto his foot, causing some serious pain.

Luckily, the PC itself wasn’t harmed, and Hasan was able to set it up without any problems.