This YouTuber is recreating Squid Game IRL with a $10,000 prize

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moist cr1TiKal squid game
Penguinz0/Netflix: Squid Game

Popular YouTuber Charles ‘MoistCr1TiKaL’ White has taken inspiration from Netflix’s latest hit series ‘Squid Game’ by uploading his own recreation of the show’s challenges with a massive $10,000 prize.

The Netflix original series ‘Squid Game’ has taken the internet by storm with its intense plotline based on childhood games as challenges to win millions.

At the same time MrBeast started teasing the idea of re-creating the challenges from the series, MoistCr1TiKal was uploading his own inspiration from the show.

Red Light Green Light scene from Squid Game robot doll in the middle of two men in pink
Netflix: Squid Game
Red Light, Green Light is one of the show’s most notorious challenges.

Cr1TiKal recreates Squid Game

While explaining that he invited a group of players to participate in the games for a massive $10,000 prize pool, Charlie stated that the only game they are directly copying from the show is the first one — Red Light, Green Light — in which participants have a set amount of time to cross a wide field. If players move after the creator yells red light, they are eliminated.

As the players got ready for the first challenge, Charlie put on his replica ‘The Front Man’ mask and got himself ready.

Standing beside two masked people holding paintball guns, Charlie laid out the rules: “Good evening players. Tonight you will participate in a series of four games. If you complete all four games, you will receive $10,000.”

Squid Game challenge episode Two

Uploaded on October 13, MoistCr1TiKal greeted the players to their second game: “Happy Birthday, Congratulations on making it this far. You have chosen your weapons and proven yourself to be admirable warriors in my thunder dome of misery.”

For the next game, he placed all the participants in a room filled with pinatas. He explained that four keys were placed in them at random, and the four players that find the keys will move on to the next game.

After they were whittled down to the final four, the players were brought into a separate room with four cases laying on a table. Charlie instructed them to choose a case each, which they quickly found out held a small amount of money.

One of the player’s cases had a star inside, which allowed the player to choose a partner for the next game.

Squid Game challenge episode three

On October 15, the third episode of the Squid Game challenge was uploaded. After being escorted to an inflatable platform, the pairs were told to knock each other off of the platform. The players who were knocked off were eliminated.

The last two players were sent to the final game and given the chance to decide amongst themselves how they were going to handle the prize winnings. With the options of split or take, the front man explained there were three options.

The creator said: “If both choose to take, you both forfeit the prize and neither of you wins. If both choose split, you each leave with $5,000. If one chooses to take and the other split, one of you wins and the other loses.”

After decisions were made, one person chose to split, and the other take. Providing several plot twists to the game, the winner decided to split the winnings anyway, and then the second-place participant gave his winnings all to other players.

While the game was tricky for all, the kindness of the final four allowed almost everyone to leave with part of the prize.

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