Twitch streamer Jinny asks cops for help after kids harass her in Milan

Jinny asks cops for help in MilanPixabay/Twitter/jinnytty1

Popular Twitch streamer Jinny found herself asking police for help after a group of kids kept harassing her and other strangers on the streets of Milan.

Jinny’s time in Italy has been quite fun to watch. During her travels in the Bel Paese, Jinny even encountered famous Marvel actress Zoe Saldana in Venice (although she didn’t realize it was her at the time).

Now, the IRL star has moved onto Milan – and, unfortunately, did not have a very good time after a group of kids started harassing her when she went to buy a drink.

Before she could even order, a teen tossed an orange beverage onto her, startling the adventurer.

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“What the f**k?!” she gasped. “What was that? Someone threw something at me! Did you do this?”

The streamer turned to the kids next to her and asked the question, with a boy confirming he was the culprit.

“Dude, why did you throw something at me? What the f**k did you throw?! What is wrong with you?” she cried. “Why would you do that to a stranger?”

One of the boys then asked the streamer how many people were watching live. Jinny revealed that over 5,000 people were currently judging them.

The situation continued to escalate as the boy, once again, attacked the streamer with his orange drink before running away. Given today’s climate with global health concerns, this was no laughing matter.

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Eventually, Jinny approached the drink salesman again, who revealed that the boys had splashed him earlier and it wasn’t just her who was being victimized.

A bit later, she went up to some law enforcement officers and requested their assistance, but they walked away when Jinny spoke in English and they had no idea what she was saying.

“They just left,” she sighed, but didn’t let the drama get her down. After all, she was on vacation and had more of Italy to see.

Still, kids randomly spilling their drinks on total strangers is not exactly how most people want their trips to go, and we hope Jinny has a far better time during her stay.

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