Twitch streamer apologizes after admitting she faked cancer diagnosis

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Twitch streamer MsDirtyBird has issued an apology, after falsely claiming she had cancer to her viewers. 

Kaw, known as MsDirtyBird to her followers, is a Rocket League streamer. The content creator has now offered a formal apology, for a second time. Over the last few months, followers have been tracking her developments.

The claims were first acknowledged on a livestream with her sister.

Allegations against MsDirtyBird

Earlier this year, Kaw’s sister took to Twitch after receiving information of MsDirtyBird’s claims. “I wanted to address my sister’s stream today…her having cancer, I don’t think – she hasn’t said anything to any of us.” Expressing hurt over the comments, Kaw said “it hurts me that she has said this.” In the stream, she also mentions how “everyone in her chat still she thinks she has cancer.”

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The first mention of Kaw’s alleged diagnosis was in January, claiming to have brain cancer. Since then, more information has come to light, prompting the streamer to speak directly about the allegations.

In her initial apology, her speech was debunked to be an online template. After the backlash this attempt received, MsDirtyBird has since released an uncut, unedited apology video: “This is my official apology video, no cuts, no scripts, nothing”.

“What I did was undeniably f**ked up and should have never happened,” Kaw said. The streamer has decided to take a break from streaming, which could last between “six months to a year.”

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Following her second apology, there are calls for Kaw to use her Twitch revenue for charity purposes, in aid of cancer research.

The now-former streamer has made no other comments since releasing her video apology.