Twitch streamer breaks LosPollosTV’s world record for longest livestream

Michael Gwilliam

The record for longest uninterrupted livestream now belongs to a relatively unknown Twitch streamer by the name of CallMeCypher after a grueling 200 hours and change.

Cypher began his record quest by complete accident after just trying to surpass his own personal best for consecutive hours streaming. After passing out, his chat began to encourage him to keep going to try to beat a world record.

After looking at the options available, the streamer decided to go for the big one, which at the time was held by LosPollosTV, who set the previous record earlier in April.

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Cypher played a lot of Valorant to pass the time.

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“We decided, ‘hey, maybe we can go for this,’” the streamer told Dexerto.

To help pass the time, the new record holder said he played a lot of Valorant – the new tactical shooter by Riot Games.

Unfortunately, the record-breaking stream came to an abrupt end because his streaming PC ended up facing technical issues since it was running on only eight gigabytes of RAM.

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“My PC was just freezing and stuttering,” Cypher revealed, so while he still got the record, he couldn’t pump his numbers up further, ending the stream at the 200:18:17 mark.

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That said, the broadcast was only down for ninety seconds and the VOD remained live, so it’s possible that number could be even higher.

Surprisingly, the streamer wasn’t even that tired: “I feel pretty good honestly, I’m kinda nocturnal at this point.”

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As for LosPollosTV trying to get the record back, Cypher doesn’t seem fazed and welcomes him to try: “I love LosPollos, I love his content, he’s a great streamer and I’ve been subbed to him a couple of times.”

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“It’s not about whose record it was,” he added. “It could have been literally anyone and I still would have tried to do this because I always like pushing myself and my boundaries.”

Only time will tell how long the new record will stand for, especially with it changing hands twice in the same month already.

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