Minecraft streamer embarrassed after mom rages over report card grade


A teenage Minecraft streamer had his Twitch broadcast come to an abrupt end after his mother saw his report card and kicked him off the computer.

Early on into an April 38 broadcast, streamer ‘CA_Snipez’s’ mom asked him to send her his report card for the semester, but apparently was unclear about his grades.

Only minutes into the broadcast, the streamer’s mother called out to him off-screen. “Garrett,” she cried.

The teen’s mom wasn’t happy with the report card.

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“What?” he asked, adjusting his headphones to properly hear her.

“Get off the computer now. Turn off the computer now!” she demanded, much to the dismay of the teen.

“Why?” he wondered, wanting to get back to Minecraft.

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“A C-minus?!” she blasted her son, clearly upset at his lackluster grade. “Off the computer.”

While the streamer tried to talk some sense into his mom and suggested that he had already told her about the poor grade, she refused to budge and insisted her son end his stream.

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“Why am I getting off?” he questioned his mother, who said she wanted him to start work on some school assignment.

Things were getting heated between the boy and his mom.

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“You told me you had a C!” she angrily roared and demanded her son get off yet again. “Off the computer, there will be no gaming.”

“Jesus Christ,” CA_Snipez said under his breath, promoting an explosion of rage by his mother.

“I beg your pardon?!” she screamed. “You don’t say that!”

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CA_Snipez ended the stream before things got worse.

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Before the situation could escalate any further, the teen evaluated his options and opted to end his stream in the event things got even worse.

Parents interrupting streams isn’t exactly a new thing, but it does make for great entertainment.

As Dexerto previously reported, just in the past week, a father had an incredible reaction after his son slammed a desk in a heated moment and another parent embarrassed her daughter by telling her to “keep her clothes on.”

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Whether for good or ill, parents certainly seem to make their children’s live streams interesting