Alinity slams suggestions she’s “proud” of constant Twitch drama

Isaac McIntyre

Popular streamer Natalia ‘Alinity’ Mogollon has hit back at accusations she “feels proud” of her seemingly constant Twitch controversies, and taken a swipe at those suggesting she orchestrates them to stay in the public eye.

Alinity is undeniably one of Twitch’s most controversial stars. She rose to infamy in July last year when she was caught tossing her cat mid-stream. More recently, the 32-year-old came under fire again after a wardrobe malfunction on April 24.

The Twitch star hasn’t dodged repercussions either. After accidentally revealing too much during her April 24 broadcast, she was slapped with a 24-hour ban. She then extended that to three days in a self-mandated hiatus.

Alinity was banned on Twitch for 24-hours, and added two more days to her punishment herself, but for many it wasn't enough.
Alinity was banned on Twitch for 24-hours and added two more days to her punishment herself, but for many, it wasn’t enough.

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For many, it wasn’t enough. Plenty in the streaming community stepped forward to suggest she even deserved far harsher punishments. Now Alinity has hit back at those calling for her head, and reminded “her haters” she doesn’t relish controversies.

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The 32-year-old returned to Twitch in a broadcast on April 28, and was soon inundated with a host of questions and demands. She rebutted the idea she had “planned” the on-stream slip, and slammed those suggesting otherwise.

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Alinity slams suggestions she likes Twitch drama

“You know, I can’t go back and undo that sh*t? Yes, I can feel bad about it, and cry about it… I can apologize about it, and I have been apologizing about [it all] for a long time,” Alinity said soon after going live for the first time post-ban.

“The only choice I have is to laugh about it all, that’s how I cope. So yes, I’m going to laugh about it. If you guys want to think it’s because I’m putting it in your faces, or feel proud [of everything that’s happened], that’s not the case.

“It’s just how I cope with life… it really, really isn’t the case. I like to make fun of things. I like to see the good in everything. Even all the bad shit that happens. The kind of life I’ve gone through, it’s taught me to be like that, no matter what.”

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Alinity admits Twitch favors big streamers

The controversial streamer also admitted she “knows there’s preferential treatment on Twitch” at the moment, but said it didn’t directly apply to her. Instead, the problem comes from smaller streamers being left in the cold.

“I do believe there’s certain things I should have been suspended for that I should have been suspended for, but I have no control over that what-so-ever, I can’t do anything about that,” she said later in her April 28 broadcast.

“People say ‘you’re getting a favorable treatment,’ but I think most streamers get that. I think the problem is… the small streamers receive unfavorable treatment. I don’t think Twitch does take the time for smaller streamers. It can be unfair, yes.”

Alinity also had one final barb to deliver to those that had called for her head after her latest accident ⁠— or rather, just one person. In a later comment, the Moroccan star admitted there’s only one person she really despises.

“I don’t get mad at people when they sh*t-talk me cause that’s just my opinion, that’s fine by me,” she said, before revealing her one exception to that rule: “The one person I really, really, really hate in the world is KEEMSTAR.”

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