Logan Paul reveals plan to run for US President and he’s not joking

YouTube: Logan Paul

Not content with just being a YouTube sensation, Logan Paul has revealed that his next serious career move will be a big one, as he has confirmed he plans on joining the US Presidency race.

Paul has made it clear that his main aspiration to follow his YouTube work is to become the greatest entertainer in the world – and what better way to round that out than becoming President of the Free World?

In an April 2020 episode of the Impaulsive podcast, Logan revealed his grand plans to join the ranks of some of the most famous and influential people in world history and truly go down in the record books.

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Logan Paul in a costumeInstagram: loganpaul
Logan might just be one of the most ambitious people on YouTube.

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Logan for President?

After speaking about the ongoing global crisis, Logan makes the grand statement, saying “Before I die, I will be President of the United States. And honestly, I will probably be a very good President.”

If viewers thought it was just some classic Logan Paul bravado, though, they were quickly corrected, as he revealed that he actually has a plan in place and has put more thought into it than some might have expected.

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“2032 is the first year I can run,” he said. “But it’s probably going to be when I’m a grown-a*s man with lots of intelligence and wisdom. Around 2050-ish, let’s call it.”

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Of course, unless there are some major changes in the US political system, there isn’t going to be an election in 2050, but the closest are 2048 and 2052 – so we may well see President Logan Paul within the next 30 years if all goes to plan.

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He goes on to joke about the cabinet he’ll have around him, including stand-up comedian Tim Dillon as Secretary of State and his father, Greg Paul, as Secretary of Defence.

While it may seem quite far-out to imagine Logan Paul even in the running, let alone actually being President, stranger things have definitely happened, so it’s not completely outside the realms of possibility.

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