Twitch streamer beats Jump King in 25 minutes using only their feet

Jinnytty Twitch jump kingL: Jinnytty -Twitch R: Nexile

Jump King is an extremely difficult game to conquer, which is why someone doing it using only their feet is quite an impressive feat.

Many streamers have been returning to the beast that is Jump King thanks to some new DLC. If you’re a viewer of the game on Twitch, then there’s no doubt you’ve seen numerous players struggling with it.

While most of them were able to eventually triumph, like xQc and Forsen, it was a long and grueling grind to get there.

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Jump King, the game everyone loves to hate.

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Amazingly, that wasn’t the case for Twitch streamer Jinnytty, who featured a guest on her channel named Jjondeuk, who was able to tackle the game using only his feet.

He did this by placing his keyboard on the floor and placing his feet on top of it. He made sure they lined up perfectly with every he had to hit which include the four arrow keys and the space bar.

In just over 25 minutes, he was able to reach the pinnacle and beat the game. For those of you keeping score at home, this is much, much faster than any of the other streamers were able to accomplish it in, and they even used their hands.

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Usually, when you see people playing games in off-the-wall ways such as this, it’s usually not their first rodeo. It’s hard to imagine a world where this is his first time playing Jump King.

The game’s hard enough using your hands, so we can’t even imagine how much time and effort it would take to learn how to master it using only your toes.

Jump King is hard, but how hard with only your feet?

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Seeing things like this done really opens to the door to other opportunities as well. Just imagine what it’d look like to see somebody playing Jump King using a Guitar Hero controller, or some other sort of contraption as we’ve seen fellow streamer Rudeism do so many times before with other games.

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One thing’s for certain and it’s that the bar has been raised for any future playthrough of the notoriously difficult title. We can’t wait to see what players are able to come up with next.

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