Twitch streamer lashes out at viewers for not subscribing to her channel

Matt Porter
BadBunny streaming on Twitch.

Popular Twitch streamer BadBunny has hit out at viewers who spend hours watching her content without subscribing, claiming that poeple “don’t respect” her as a content creator.

The streamer is rapidly approaching 100,000 followers on the platform, and can regularly be seen in the site’s Just Chatting section, where she discusses politics with her audience and various guests she brings on to her channel.

While broadcasting on January 18 though, BadBunny explained to her chat that she needed monetary support to continue creating content on Twitch, and when her viewers didn’t respond with an influx of subscriptions, the streamer lashed out at them, fuming that they watch hours of content for free without paying for it.

Badbunny filming a video for YouTube.
BadBunny was frustrated that her audience didn’t subscribe to her channel.

When the frustrated streamer saw that none of her viewers had responded to her call to arms, she asked: “How did my whole speech about how I need subscribers to get the stream going, blah blah blah, result in zero subscribers?”

“There are regulars here. $5 a month! How do you have hours of time to watch me, and not $5? What are you doing with your life where you have hours of time to watch Twitch, and not $5 to provide for the content that you’re watching.”

“I have a wall of non-subscribers. This is actually, f**king really heartbreaking because it’s like people really have no respect for me as a content creator.”

A second clip that surfaced online shows her asking her chat to donate and subscribe to her. “Chat! I haven’t got a donation or a sub for an hour!” she exclaimed. “What the f**k?!”

“For an hour?!” the streamer continued as she looked into her camera. “What the f**k?! An hour when I’m f**king working for free?! What the f**k?!”

The video went viral on Twitter, gaining over 5,000 likes, and many replies from people who were outraged at her comments.

This isn’t the first time that BadBunny has called out her audience for not supporting her financially. Back in February 2019, the streamer labeled anyone who watched Twitch without donating or subscribing as “leeches,” claiming that others provide the money so they can be “cheap *ss” members of the audience.

For those who consume Twitch content, one of the major appeals to the platform is the fact that they can watch without paying a monthly fee, with adverts that play before and during the stream directly contributing without offering any more.

Subscriptions and donations offer further ways to support their favorite creators should they feel compelled to do so, but choosing not to doesn’t mean you’ll miss out on any additional content, just some perks like emotes or access to subscriber-only chats.

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