Twitch Partner “Knut” banned due to DMCA takedown

Twitch: Knut

Twitch streamer and competitive bodybuilder Knut has been banned from the platform for the fourth time, citing a DMCA violation as the reason for his 2 day ban.

Knut has been a notable presence on Twitch, both in his own stream and on other creators’ channels. Like many other online creators, tens of thousands of viewers gather to watch video game streams an other content.

While video game streaming is popular, his Camp Knut appearances have elevated Knut’s popularity. Especially streams that took place before the controversy surrounding OTK creators like Mizkif and Rich Campbell came to light over the summer and fall of 2022.

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Now, the bodybuilder is steeped in controversy of his own following his fourth ban from Twitch. This time, he’s been banned as a result of a DMCA violation.

Twitch Partner “Knut” banned for DMCA violation

It isn’t yet clear what caused a DMCA strike, but a takedown notice will greet those who try to visit Knut’s Twitch channel.

While some bans can be extensive, and force streamers off the platform for a long period of time, fans of the Norwegian streamer won’t have to wait long for his return to regularly scheduled content.

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In reply to a tweet from fellow streamer Strippin, Knut confirms that his ban from the platform will last for two days. It’s definitely a short ban in comparison to some others that get levied against streamers, but Knut isn’t looking forward to the “vacation” Same Thorne insinuates. Knut’s reply reads “2 days off will be hard :(“.

Once the reason for the DMCA takedown against Knut’s channel comes to light, we’ll update this article with the culprit for his ban from the platform.

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