Trisha Paytas updates fans after falling down stairs pregnant: “I felt careless”

Dylan Horetski
Trisha Paytas

YouTuber Trisha Paytas has updated their fans that their baby is okay after announcing in a video that they had a pregnancy scare involving a fall.

After marrying Moses Hacmon in 2021, Trisha Paytas revealed on Valentine’s Day 2022 that they were pregnant and the newlywed couple was set to have their first child.

Paytas was quickly met with backlash as fans began leaving negative comments on her announcement posts, which caused them to reply.

In a video on March 29, they updated their fans on the status of their baby after revealing a pregnancy scare the day before.

Trisha Paytas updates fans

In her update video, Trisha talked about how they felt careless and that the YouTuber didn’t feel like they deserved their baby after being clumsy and falling while pregnant.

“I Googled what to look out for, for comfort, and I found just that,” they explained. “You guys left stories in my comments yesterday that made me feel okay as well.”

They went on to reveal that the doctor came to her house and checked on the baby via ultrasound, explaining that everything is okay. However, Trisha is still feeling pain in their foot as it “turned like a pretzel” when during the fall.

Trisha Paytas reveals pregnancy scare

March 28, the day before their update video, Trisha revealed that they had fallen down the stairs going into the kitchen.

“We had gotten food catered to watch the Oscars, and I was heading into the kitchen when I fell,” Trisha explained. “We have streamers set up in the doorway and I was trying to get them off the food. My foot rolled and I fell.”

Thankfully, Trisha’s baby is perfectly fine and Trisha’s foot should heal soon. If you are pregnant and suffer from a fall, call your doctor and schedule a visit to make sure the baby — and yourself — are okay.

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