Trisha Paytas hits back at haters who claim she shouldn’t be pregnant

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Self-proclaimed ‘chicken nugget’, Trisha Paytas, has gone off on TikTok. Responding to comments that ‘they’re the last person in the world that should be mothering a child’. Calling out her detractors and claiming that others are simply jealous of happiness.

Since announcing the pregnancy, Trisha has seen a varied world of reactions to the news. Positivity and negativity follow the YouTube star in seemingly endless amounts.

Paytas, as always, has been front and center in the comments around the contentious issue.

On February 21 an open forum was hosted on the ‘blndsundoll4mj’ YouTube channel with a stream titled, “people hating on my pregnancy?!”

A number of Paytas’ fans hopped in and showed their support with positive comments underneath the video. With advice for the big personality: “Girl. Stay away from stress. The baby could feel that.”

However, there was equal criticism of Paytas with accusations that the pregnancy was being fabricated for views and sympathy.

Most intensely, since the livestream aired, TikTok user ‘ab_stinence’ went on a personal attack against Paytas, claiming “Trisha Paytas is the last person in the world that should be mothering a child.”

In a rather calm response, Trisha stated that they’ve been sober and not involved in drama since 2020.

Additionally adding: “the idea of commenting on someone else’s reproductive choices just feels ick to me.”

Paytas went on to say that all of the negativity came from people who “wish misery” on the star and unborn child.

Ultimately chalking much of it down to jealousy: “They just can’t stand to see other people happy because they’re so miserable with their own lives.”


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