Asmongold explains why he respects Logan and Jake Paul

Michael Gwilliam
Asmongold respects Jake and Logan Paul

Popular Twitch streamer Asmongold gave his thoughts on the influencer boxing brothers Jake and Logan Paul, explaining why he respects the duo.

Jake and his older brother Logan have taken the boxing world by storm. With a 5-0 record, Jake has become a major player in the boxing scene, but Logan is no slouch either, notably going the distance against fight icon Floyd Mayweather.

While the two have a relatively controversial history, this hasn’t stopped Asmongold’s opinion of them from changing over the years and as it turns out, they have earned his respect.

During a March 31 Twitch broadcast, the World of Warcraft and award-winning MMO streamer explained just why he went from thinking they were “a**holes” to even liking them.

Logan Paul floyd Mayweather rat
Logan Paul notably squared off with Floyd Mayweather in June 2021.

Asmongold praises Jake Paul’s boxing journey

Speaking to his viewers, Asmongold addressed Jake’s rise as a boxer and commended him for getting into the ring to begin with.

“He literally got right into the arena. He got ready to get his ass beat, right? He got punched in the face for this sh*t,” the streamer said. “There’s actually something that’s entertaining about him.”

At first Asmongold wasn’t sure about Jake’s fighting ability, but once Twitch chat reminded him about KOing former UFC champion Tyron Woodley, he agreed.

“That’s the best part about it!” he beamed.

Asmongold supports Logan Paul’s WoW opinion

Asmongold went on to discuss how Logan turned his career around and even discussed the YouTuber’s views on World of Warcraft.

“By the way, Logan Paul said the best game ever was Burning Crusade. He played a gnome mage,” he added.

“So, I used to think Logan Paul was an a**hole, and he did do that NFT thing where he scammed people out of millions of dollars, but he liked Burning Crusade, so I think it’s kinda a wash,” the streamer joked.

Seeing as how the WoW superstar supports the brothers, it will be fun to see if either of them react to his thoughts at some point in the future.

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