Trisha Paytas explains why she “can’t let up” on David Dobrik following controversy

Trisha Paytas next to David DobrikYouTube: blndsundoll4mj / Instagram: daviddobrik

Five months on from David Dobrik’s huge controversy alongside the Vlog Squad, Trisha Paytas has explained why she “can’t let up” on the popular vlogger.

Back in March, David Dobrik and the Vlog Squad were embroiled in controversy after ex-members came out to speak about the effect filming videos with the team had on them, calling out the conduct of those involved.

Business Insider also released an article titled “A woman featured on YouTube star David Dobrik’s channel says she was raped by a Vlog Squad member in 2018 the night they filmed a video about group sex,” with the woman in question claiming she was sexually assaulted by Dom Zeglaitis.

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This led to David losing subscribers and sponsors at a rapid rate, and he ended up taking a three-month break from the internet, returning to posting again in June.

David Dobrik apologyYouTube: David Dobrik
Dobrik and the Vlog Squad received a huge amount of backlash amid the controversy.

Trisha Paytas, who used to film content with the Vlog Squad, was vocal in her criticism toward David and the other group members at the time, but five months later the YouTuber has revealed why she still “can’t let up” on him.

“Even me just having been there before a really traumatic crime took place, it still makes me physically sick to this day,” she said.

“And it’s why I can’t let up on David or the Vlog Squad because nothing has changed and no one has grown. No one has taken responsibility or accountability.”

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Paytas continued: “It’s so gross to me that they don’t realize the severity and how lucky they got off on every single situation.”

She also went on to call them out for “trying to shift blame on a friend that’s no longer in the group.”

While David has returned to regular posting on social media, he’s been met with a decidedly mixed reaction, with some glad he’s back to vlogging again, and some saying he shouldn’t have returned to social media at all.