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Discovery Channel faces backlash over David Dobrik Shark Week special

Published: 11/Jul/2021 12:03

by Georgina Smith


Some Discovery Channel viewers are claiming they won’t be watching this year’s Shark Week, after it was revealed that YouTuber David Dobrik is getting his own special alongside several other members of the Vlog Squad.

Popular vlogger David Dobrik took a break from content creation and social media activity back in March, after the Vlog Squad scandal that saw the influencer lose countless important sponsors, subscribers, and more.

He returned to YouTube on June 16, and since then has uploaded several new videos for his 18 million subscribers.

While he still has some support from fans, not everyone is happy about his return to social media, with some believing he should have stayed away longer, and some thinking he shouldn’t have come back to YouTube at all.


That backlash was reignited when Discovery Channel announced that Dobrik along with several other members of the Vlog Squad would be starring in a special as part of their annual Shark Week event.

After Shark Week uploaded some Instagram posts promoting the special, titled ‘Sharkbait,’ people flooded the comment section with their opinions about the appearance of the YouTuber.

“Well this is the first time I’ve ever NOT wanted to watch Shark Week,” one viewer wrote, with several other people agreeing that they don’t plan on watching Shark Week this year.

Comments under Shark Week post about David Dobrik

Others objected to the fact that he is an internet star in the first place, with many saying that they would rather see experts host the show.


“Can we focus on having scientists and conservationists or at least someone cool or funny. PLEASE Discovery don’t do this to us, I don’t wanna see David Dobrik push his friends into a shark pit for content.”

Comments under Shark Week post about David Dobrik

The posts about Dobrik’s special on Instagram were flooded with hundreds of other comments criticizing Discovery’s decision to platform the YouTuber.

The special premiers exclusively on Discovery Plus on July 11, but how the episode will be received when it’s released in full remains to be seen.