Trainwrecks explains why NoPixel won’t unban him from GTA RP

Jacob Hale
Twitch streamer Trainwrecks and GTA V logoTwitch: Trainwrecks/Rockstar Games

Eight months after he was initially banned from the NoPixel GTA RP server, top Twitch streamer Trainwrecks has explained why getting unbanned has become more problematic than he had imagined.

The NoPixel server is the go-to for the top streamers in the GTA V roleplay world. Top YouTubers and streamers have created their characters and a whole universe for themselves, playing a variety of different roles across Los Santos.

That said, the moderators who run the server run a tight ship, and haven’t shied away from banning streamers if they step out of line.

xQc has been banned from the server multiple times, while Train’s ban has seen him banished completely.

Trainwrecks looking surprisedTwitch: Trainwrecks
Train has become a beacon of generosity on Twitch.

Trainwrecks was permanently banned from the NoPixel server back on March 10, 2021, claiming that they gave him no warning and there was no investigation.

While Train hasn’t spoken much about the ban since, moving on from it, he did address it once more during his November 2 stream.

“I feel like at this point, you either unban and give me a second chance or… unban and give me a second chance,” he said. “For a first offense, eight months, that’s a long time. But apparently, there’s some pushback.”

Explaining this pushback, Trainwrecks said “Koil [owner/dev of NoPixel] reached out and was like ‘I’m down for you to get unbanned but there are people that don’t want that to happen’.”

He was then told that he would have to sit in a meeting and convince a jury of people that he should be unbanned, and that jury goes to a vote, saying that “fights for citizenship in countries is an easier f**king battle.”

Whether Trainwrecks does eventually get unbanned from NoPixel remains to be seen, but if he’s got someone like Koil backing him, it’s hard to imagine he’ll never be allowed back in.