Trainwrecks reveals staggering amount of money he’s given away this year

Jacob Hale

Throughout 2021, Trainwrecks has become one of the most generous streamers on Twitch, always giving away money to his friends and viewers. Now, he’s revealed the amount he’s given away in total, and it’s truly eye-watering.

Trainwrecks has been the unexpected hero of Twitch generosity throughout the year, regularly giving money to his peers.

He gave CDL pro Crimsix $20k as a wedding gift, StableRonaldo’s mom a Bitcoin to the value of $64k, and made a donation to streamer Buddha after his mom passed away.

While his generosity has been through the roof, the total figure is one that will absolutely floor you.

Trainwrecks looking surprised
Train has become a beacon of generosity on Twitch.

With plans for a $250,000 giveaway, Trainwrecks revealed on October 20 that that giveaway would edge him over a truly incredible milestone.

“This 250K will put me at $4 million given away overall,” he said in a tweet. “Not including sponsor giveaways, charities, or tips to my friends.”

Considering that, at minimum, the bulk of that money has been in the few months prior, Train has truly given away an insane amount, and in such a short span of time too.

Many of Train’s peers came out to share their respect for him and everything he’s given away in the replies, too.

NICKMERCS simply said that “there’s some that do, and there’s some that don’t.”

Crimsix wasn’t quite so elegant in response, with a resounding “HOLY SH*T MAN.”

Not only those two, but DJ SCHEME, who worked with the likes of Juice Wrld and XXXTentaction, also reached out to say that the milestone is “insane.”

Needless to say, giving away $4m truly is insane, but Train doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.