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Top 5 most influential TikTok pets

Published: 16/Apr/2021 18:28

by Alice Hearing


You might have heard of Addison Rae, Charli D’Amelio, or LilHuddy, but are you clued up on TikTok’s most famous animals?

If your For You Page is tuned in, you should already be very aware of these loveable creatures. From dogs who make weird noises to extremely sassy birds, these are the influential pets you need to be aware of.

Bunny – 6.2m

Bunny and Alexis first went viral on their account whataboutbunny back in May 2020, with a TikTok that showed the adorable sheepadoodle pressing a series of buttons to tell her mom to “come play.”

Bunny the dog alongside colorful buttons
Instagram: what_about_bunny
Bunny the Dog has become a viral hit on TikTok.

The video scored views in the millions, and people were thoroughly baffled by the apparently highly intelligent hound and her bright spark of an owner. The duo have gone on to pair up with a scientist and an engineer to beta test a new device based on cognitive science, and now, Bunny even has merch.


Pudgywoke – 12.1m

The internet has gone crazy for this one very small and elderly Chihuahua called Pudgywoke, who went viral on TikTok after its owner, Malachy James, asked, “Can I get an Owa Owa?” Pudgy responded by biting his headphone mic and actually saying “owa owa.”

Instagram: Pudgywoke
TikTokers turned pudgywoke’s catchphrase “owa owa” into an app-wide meme

The videos of the adorable, but angry, pup have taken the app by storm, with some clips amassing more than 50 million views. Pudgy himself now has over 12 million followers on the platform.

Chase, Millie, and Skye – 6.5m

Kareem and Fifi’s feline trio consists of a brown tabby named Chase, a tortoiseshell named Millie, and a Himalayan named Skye. The group gets into all sorts of hijinks that are posted to TikTok, which include everything from strapping the cats in a car seat for a short ride to taking them shopping at the pet store in baby carriers, but it’s their spa day videos that are gaining the most attention.


Kareem and Fifi TikTok cats
Instagram: dontstopmeowing
Kareem is TikTok cat dad of the year

In these clips, the couple relaxes alongside their furry friends, who are comfortably snuggled up underneath towels with their cat dad. Unfortunately, Fifi seems to find the situation comically ridiculous and tries to remove the cats from the odd situation — but each time, Chase refuses her attempts to get him out of bed.

Hamlet – 2.2m

TikTok bird hamlet
TikTok: chantyb97
Hamlet’s well-known catchphrase is “what doing?”

Australian TikTok user Bridget (or ChantyB) is the proud owner of an Indian Ringneck bird called Hamlet, who have entertained millions of viewers with their hilarious relationship (and Hamlet’s adorable little phrases).

Most notably, Hamlet’s catchphrase is “What doing?” which will often be screeched if he’s feeling particularly sassy. Sometimes, if he’s in a more affectionate mood, he imitates giving kisses or will literally ask for kisses.


Matilda – 13.5m

Matilda Ferret tiktok floofnoodles
Instagram: floofnoodles
Matilda the Ferret has more than 13 million fans on TikTok

Matilda the Ferret is the subject of TikTok account Floofnoodles, and first found TikTok fame for going viral dancing alongside a little Pikachu toy in 2019. After a couple of health complications, Matilda is back and dancing more than ever to TikTok’s most viral songs.

Matilda’s owner will also film her in adorable cooking videos and wearing a tiny chef’s hat. Matilda now has more than 13 million fans and more than 45 million likes across all her TikToks.

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