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TikTok couple goes viral for filming spa days with their cats

Published: 3/Mar/2021 20:38

by Virginia Glaze


TikTok is home to a wide variety of humorous, interesting, and sometimes downright odd content — but one couple is going viral for all the right reasons, thanks to their adorable cat videos.

When it comes to the internet, cats have historically reigned supreme, and this trend hasn’t changed over the years. TikTok, like YouTube before it, boasts a hive of feline videos, which have carved out their own space on the app alongside their fellow lupine companions.

Two influencers in particular are taking over TikTok’s cat video corner. They go by the names ‘Kareem and Fifi,’ and they’re a crazy cat couple whose clips with their three cats have taken the viral video app by storm.


Kareem and Fifi’s feline trio consists of a brown tabby named Chase, a tortoiseshell named Millie, and a Himalayan named Skye. The group gets into all sorts of hijinks that are posted to TikTok, which include everything from strapping the cats in a car seat for a short ride to taking them shopping at the pet store in baby carriers.

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While these humorous outings have certainly skyrocketed them to TikTok stardom, it’s their spa day videos that are gaining the most attention. In these clips, the couple relaxes alongside their furry friends, who are comfortably snuggled up underneath towels with cucumber slices over their eyes.


These latest uploads from the Kareem and Fifi are an ongoing series, where Fifi will hilariously come upon her hubby relaxing beside the cats, who is apparently under the impression that his partner isn’t home to discover them.

Unfortunately, Fifi seems to find the situation comically ridiculous and tries to remove the cats from the odd situation — but each time, Chase refuses her attempts to get him out of bed.

@dontstopmeowingChase was vibing ##fyp ##foryou ##foryoupage ##catsoftiktok ##VideoSnapChallenge ##Seitan ##trending ##duet♬ original sound – Kareem & Fifi

Although YouTube boasts its fair share of kitty ASMR spa treatments, Kareem and Fifi’s humorous spa day sketches have gained them an impressive 3.3 million followers in just a short time, with one of the first videos in the series gaining well over 55 million views, alone.


Considering their newfound TikTok success, there’s no telling where the spa day saga will go next — but cat lovers are definitely here for it.