Tony Lopez hits back at grooming accusations after viral TikToks

Georgina Smith
Tony Lopez poses next to a car

Tony Lopez has hit out at creators who he says have spread grooming allegations against him for “likes and views,” following accusations that he deleted a viral TikToker’s comment regarding the issue.

The accusations against 21-year-old TikTok star Tony Lopez first emerged in August 2020, when several viral TikToks revealed messages allegedly sent by the star to underage girls, asking them for photographs.

Later that month he released an apology on Twitter in which he claimed he’s “not proud of his past choices” and said he would “hold myself responsible for this mistake,” though did not make any specific reference to the nature of the allegations, leaving many angry.

Tony Lopez
He has been under fire for several months over the allegations.

In the months following, several new videos containing supposed evidence against Tony Lopez have gone viral. One video that garnered around 250K views and 50K likes appeared to show inappropriate DMs between a minor and the young star. However, the validity of these DMs, and others like it, have been called into question.

Tony Lopez has now hit out at this influx of viral content surrounding the allegations against him, after people claimed he’d deleted viral TikToker AngryReactions’ comment regarding the issue.

AngryReactions uploaded a video of him dancing in front of one of Tony’s comment sections, pointing to a comment he’d posted that read “you tried to have sex with multiple underage girls. You’re sick.”

Shortly after, Tony’s comments were flooded with people claiming that he’d deleted AngryReactions’ comment. The video to which that comment section was attached has since been deleted.

Before its deletion, Tony posted several comments that addressed AngryReactions claims. “I did not delete AngryReactions’ comment,” he began, “he has done this twice now and deletes his own comment then makes a video as if I did for likes.”

He goes on to hit out at “creators” for “using my situation for likes and views,” also saying that “no one knows the full story, and I have yet to speak about everything properly from my side of this whole thing, yet people speak on it as if they do.”

He ends with a plea for people to “stop using this whole situation for likes. It’s not a joke. Never was a joke.”

Tony Lopez is a TikTok star with over 22 million followers on the video-sharing app. He is yet to specifically address individual allegations that have been made against him.