TikTok star Tony Lopez accused of inappropriate messages sent to minors

Tony Lopez TikTokInstagram: Tony Lopez

Accusations have been made against 20-year-old Hype House member Tony Lopez, alleging inappropriate conduct involving girls as young as 15 via his private Snapchat account.

The initial accusations aimed at Lopez emerged when a TikTok from user Griffin Brooks went viral, after a 15-year-old girl contacted him with screen recordings showing messages of a sexual nature supposedly sent by Lopez.

She said that he “never asked” for her age and always requested explicit photos. It then transpired that Lopez had been marking tweets containing the incriminating video under “hidden replies” without directly addressing the allegations.

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On August 8, another 15-year-old girl contacted another Twitter user, sharing screenshots of Lopez allegedly giving his private Snapchat name, and making similarly inappropriate comments.

The messages show Lopez saying “your face is kissable” and calls her his “baby.” Users were quick to raise the alarm in order to ensure “this predator is stripped of a platform.”

This led to a 16-year-old girl sharing her own experiences with Lopez via TikTok.

In one video she writes “Tony Lopez blocked me on snap for not sending him nudes,” and follows with a screen recording of his messages and the details of his private Snapchat.

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Despite the damning nature of the accusations, some fans still defended him, arguing “he is human” and “everyone makes mistakes.” But others suggest that the sheer number of victims means the “authorities need to be involved.”

While Lopez is yet to publicly address the allegations, on August 9 he tweeted “I’ve got a lot to talk about” which some commenters took as an acknowledgement of the accusations, and a potential sign that a full response is to come.

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Lopez is followed by over 21 million fans on TikTok alone, with his videos regularly garnering over 5 million views each.

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