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Charli D’Amelio embarrasses Dixie during interview with Trippie Redd

Published: 22/Oct/2020 14:16

by Alice Hearing


It’s probably hard enough being the sister of TikTok’s biggest star, but not even Dixie D’Amelio’s own show gets a break from Charli D’Amelio.

Dixie’s biggest interview yet was gatecrashed by Charli. On Wednesday, October 21 Dixie dropped her interview with rap artist Trippie Redd on her weekly YouTube talk show. In the past, Dixie has interviewed her fellow TikTok famous friends including Lil Huddy, Addison Rae, and her own boyfriend Noah Beck, but Trippie is by far the biggest star she’s had so far.

She looked noticeably embarrassed when Charli interrupted while filming, just when Dixie and Trippie were getting deep about music, and online hate. Charli almost always appears in Dixie’s interviews as the annoying younger sister, but never with a guest as huge as Trippie Redd.

Charli can be seen in the background slowly walking down the stairs and Dixie is forced to introduce her. Charli says “Who are you?” and then an awkward “oh, cool” when Trippie introduces himself, at which Dixie awkwardly laughs. But Trippie doesn’t seem phased.

Dixie D'Amelio YouTube show with Noah Beck and Charli D'Amelio
YouTube: Dixie D'Amelio
Charli frequently interrupts Dixie on her show

A little later on Charli walks in again, alongside a caption that says “My sister Charli likes to randomly walk on set and ask questions, even though she isn’t mic’d.” Charli briefly takes over as host and asks Trippie if he dances and makes fun of Dixie because she can’t.

Fans were totally here for Charli gatecrashing in the comments. One person wrote: “I love how Charli just walks down and sees Trippie and isn’t even phased.” Some people thought Charli was just joking by pretending not to know who the famous artist is, spotting her cheeky smile at Dixie afterward, while others said they felt secondhand embarrassment on behalf of Charli.

If Charli really doesn’t know who Trippie Redd is, it comes as a surprise after some of his songs have been labeled “TikTok songs” that Charli herself has danced to on the app. Trippie’s hit “Dead” has been used in more than half a million videos on TikTok.

Despite the awkward interruptions, it has just been announced that both Dixie and Charli have been nominated for creator of the year for the 10th annual Streamy Awards.


Jake Paul appears to hint at potential fight with brother Logan Paul

Published: 17/Nov/2020 23:46

by Virginia Glaze


It’s no secret that Jake Paul has beef with quite a number of top-tier influencers, but it seems that his sights are now settling on his own brother, Logan, as told in an interview regarding his current boxing career.

Both Paul brothers have taken their athleticism to the next level, with the YouTubers throwing down in professional boxing matches against fellow influencers in the past three years.

However, Jake has since scored a match with former NBA pro Nate Robinson, and the trash-talk is as heated as you might expect; but a name has risen up in the banter that no one saw coming.

During an interview with YouTuber ‘The Schmo’ on November 16, Jake admitted that he’d take on his own brother, and appeared quite confident in his chances.


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“I think we’ll fight,” Jake admitted. “I mean, at this point, he’s talking s**t to the paparazzi! But how is this guy so confident when he hasn’t won a single f**king fight? I don’t get it!”

“Logan would get knocked out, though,” he added, after reminding viewers about the various invitations to brawl he’s received over the past year. “He can’t really box.”

(Topic begins at 3:55)

It’s worth noting that Jake isn’t the only one talking trash, at the present moment; Logan likewise called him out for using his body as a model for his fight poster, which was taken from a popular Instagram photo of his.


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Jake’s claims about Logan talking smack to the paps isn’t untrue, either; just a couple days prior, Logan bragged that he could defeat Floyd Mayweather in both a street fight and the UFC octagon, after it was rumored the two would face off in the boxing ring earlier this year.


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While this isn’t the first time the brothers have feuded, it certainly raises the unique possibility of fans seeing a legitimate boxing match between two of YouTube’s most divisive figures.

Sure, Logan may never have won a fight, but it’s worth noting that Jake won against two opponents who appeared wholly underprepared.

If the fight between them ends up happening, the winner is anyone’s guess — but we’re putting our money on the viewership.