Tony Lopez slammed after apology for messages sent to minors

Georgina Smith
Tony Lopez Apology
Instagram: Tony Lopez

After accusations emerged that 21-year-old TikTok star Tony Lopez had sent inappropriate messages to girls as young as 15 via a private Snapchat account, he has issued an apology that is suggested to address those claims, though people are slamming it for being too “vague.”

In August, several teenage victims came forward via social media with screenshots and recordings that appeared to show Hype House member Tony Lopez sending inappropriate messages. To one 15-year-old he allegedly said “your face is kissable” and to another girl sent extremely explicit messages.

On August 9, Tony tweeted “I’ve got a lot to talk about” which many took as a sign that an apology was to come.

The 21-year-old went quiet on Twitter for several days throughout the height of the internet storm, with many anticipating his return.

Tony Lopez TikTok
Instagram: Tony Lopez
Tony Lopez accused of harassment by several minors

When he returned to Twitter, he didn’t come back with the apology that people were expecting. He posted about his daily life with tweets such as “I ate too much food today.” People demanded that he “address” the allegations and apologize.

That apology finally came on August 22 when Tony took to Twitter with a note-section-screenshot paragraph about “recent accusations.” He said “I am not proud of my past choices” and that “I’m truly disappointed in myself for them.”

Lopez consistently refers to the alleged harassment as “these actions,” but does not refer to the nature of the accusations themselves. He blames being “new to the entertainment/ LA scene” and that “you can’t believe everything you’re told.” Tony insists he will “learn” from his mistakes and make “better, well-informed decisions.”

People were unsatisfied with the delayed apology, citing it as being “vague” and failing to address the claims head-on. Many felt the format of the “notes app apology” was inherently insincere.

It’s yet unclear whether Tony Lopez will make a more direct address of the specific allegations in the future or respond to the raft of criticism that has been sent his way.