Logan Paul explains why he might follow Joe Rogan to Texas

Jacob Hale
Logan Paul Texas Joe Rogan

Logan Paul has suggested that he might be planning a move to Texas, following in similar footsteps to fellow podcast extraordinaire Joe Rogan.

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In August, Joe Rogan officially moved to Texas, debuting his new Joe Rogan Experience podcast studio in early September and moving in to an incredible $14.4 million home in Austin.

Rogan seems particularly happy with his move out of Los Angeles, and it seems like he may have inspired other creators to do the same.

During an episode of his Impaulsive podcast, YouTube star Logan Paul suggested that a move out of LA and to the Lone Star state might be on the cards.

Logan Paul house Los Angeles
Logan Paul’s LA house is very impressive — but Rogan’s new Texas mansion may have turned his head slightly.

While discussing the recent cancellation of Kanye West’s long-awaited appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience, as well as his impressive new house, the Texas conversation came up.

“Texas is nice,” Logan said, before adding that “we might be going there” — though who exactly he meant by “we” isn’t completely clear. He could mean the podcast, or his entire Maverick Media operations, or just himself and girlfriend Josie Canseco.

The reason he’s considering the move seems to be very similar to Rogan, too. “I mean, I don’t know… “ he said, clearly not completely decided. He mentions “lower taxes” before also suggesting that Los Angeles is “a weird bubble of fantasy and non-reality.”

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Of course, one of the many nicknames for Los Angeles is “La La Land” thanks to the idea of the ‘Hollywood lifestyle’ and connotations around it, so Logan isn’t the first and definitely won’t be the last person to believe the city is “a weird bubble of fantasy.”

That, plus significantly lower taxes between California and Texas, will surely be enough for any resident to consider making the move, especially if you can afford to move into a place similar to Joe Rogan’s

The idea still seems like little more than a miniscule seed in Logan’s mind right now, but it will be interesting to see if he actually makes the move.