TommyInnit ‘ratios’ Bruno Mars in unexpected Twitter beef over viral lip-sync video

Pictures of TommyInnit and Bruno Mars next to each otherYouTube: TommyOutit / Instagram: brunomars

Popular Minecraft streamer TommyInnit has ‘ratioed’ singer Bruno Mars in (largely one-sided) joke Twitter beef, thanks to an old video of Tommy lip-syncing to ‘That’s What I Like’ that fans keep sharing.

At just 16-years-old, TommyInnit has seen insane success on both Twitch and YouTube over the past year, thanks to his hilarious Minecraft content. As a member of the Dream SMP, he joins the ranks of other hugely popular streamers, who regularly see insane numbers on social media.

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If anyone from this group wants to ‘ratio’ someone – in other words get more likes on a reply to a Tweet than the original tweet itself – they have hundreds and thousands of fans ready to help them.

Tommyinnit gasps while
Tommyinnit has seen an incredible rise to success in the past year.

At the end of February, creators like MrBeast, Dream, and more set out to ratio food chain Wendy’s on Twitter after they appeared to shade streamer GeorgeNotFound, and Wendy’s was beaten by the streaming community by a huge margin.

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The latest unexpected subject of bizarre Twitter beef is none other than singer Bruno Mars – and for Tommy at least, this one’s personal.

Back in November 2020, Tommy uploaded a video titled “Explaining this video” to YouTube, in which he discussed the story behind a hilarious clip of him lip-syncing to Bruno Mars’s hit song “That’s What I Like” while flipping between cameras.

He explained that he originally uploaded the video in 2019, and after he rose to popularity fans rediscovered the video, and naturally shared it everywhere. His friends and fans still use it to poke fun at the young streamer, and in a hilarious twist, Tommy appears to now be shifting the blame to Bruno Mars himself.

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On March 3, the streamer replied to one of Bruno’s tweets about releasing new music with, “I don’t love you very much Bruno Mars. You’ve made my life quite a lot harder.” Bruno actually ended up liking the tweet, with Tommy screenshotting the notification and writing, “this is incredibly insulting.”

His vendetta against the star continued when he put, “don’t care,” in response to another one of Bruno’s tweets. At the time of writing, Bruno’s tweet has 23,000 likes, with Tommy’s at just over 44,000 likes, with fans thoroughly entertained by the one-sided Twitter beef.

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It looks like TommyInnit won’t be able to escape that lip-sync video of him any time soon, and fans have been left wondering what Bruno’s reaction to the unexpected ratio is.

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