TikToker uncovers entire NYC apartment behind her mirror

TikToker Samanthartsoe taking her mirror off the wallTikTok: samanthartsoe

People have been well and truly freaked out after TikTok user Samantha Hartsoe made a series of viral videos in which she discovered a whole new apartment behind her bathroom mirror in her NYC apartment.

A secret abandoned room is usually the last thing people want to find in their house or apartment, but that’s exactly what happened to TikTok user Samantha Hartsoe. This TikToker is going viral on the app after she discovered a whole hidden apartment in her New York City apartment, taking viewers with her as she explored the huge secret area.

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In the first part of her series, she explains that one day she was in her bathroom when she realized she felt a cold wind blowing on her. She checked the vent and the surrounding area but couldn’t find a cause, not thinking much of it.

Samantha then realized that the air was coming from the mirror, and she gathered some of her friends to show them what was behind it.

As she pulled the mirror away, it revealed a square hole. While it initially just appeared to be some wiring, as she poked her phone through the hole she found a hallway with a room at the end of it.

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The end of the second video shows the TikToker preparing to climb in through the hole, as she wanted to figure out what’s on the other side of her bathroom wall. There was a gap of over 14 hours between the second part and the third part, and it had some fans joking that they ‘hoped she made it back.’

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In part three Samantha managed to squeeze in through the hole in the wall with a flashlight strapped to her head, ready to explore what was behind her bathroom mirror. Part four finally showed the TikToker-turned-adventurer walk through the hidden area, and it was much bigger than expected.

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There turned out to be an entire abandoned apartment back there, with full trashbags dotted around the place. She described it as being extremely cold, and there were bits of debris everywhere, definitely looking like it could be something out of a scary movie.

The creepy video has also lead to people drawing comparisons with the 1992 horror film Candyman, in which the titular character can be summoned by repeating his name in a mirror five times. Samantha’s TikToks made some people think back to scary scenes from the movie that take place in front of a bathroom mirror, leaving them even more freaked out.

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The four-part video series had TikTok users glued to their phones, and now they are curious about what Samantha’s landlord will have to say about the bizarre discovery.

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