MrBeast, Dream & more ‘ratio’ Wendy’s on Twitter after company shades Minecraft YouTubers

Georgina Smith
Dream in a disguise stands next to the Wendys Logo

In a bizarre Twitter interaction, YouTubers including MrBeast, Dream, and GeorgeNotFound banded together to ‘ratio’ food chain Wendy’s after the company appeared to jokingly shade Minecraft streamers.

One community online that is growing by the day, and doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon, is the Minecraft streamer community. While Minecraft has been a popular game for a while now, it’s experienced a huge boost over the past year or so.

Many of the streamers who are known for playing Minecraft are part of the Dream SMP, a roleplay-based multiplayer Minecraft Server set up by speedrunner Dream, and the creators involved in the server experience insane engagement on social media, proving to be a powerful community.

Minecraft promo image next to Dream logo
The Dream SMP is full of many hugely popular streamers and YouTubers.

The fans will rally around their favorite creators online as soon as it’s needed and after fast-food chain Wendy’s decided to interact with the Minecraft community on Twitter, it didn’t take long before a full-blown ‘ratio’ war broke out.

In a potential reference to GeorgeNotFound’s recent temporary TikTok ban, Wendy’s wrote on Twitter, “should I ban George again?” with a yes or no poll beneath it.

In the comments, a confused Twitter user asked, “who’s George,” to which the company replied, “streamer kid, we’re all having a laugh.”

This seemed to add fuel to the competition, as suddenly several streamers and creators flocked to the Tweet to try and ‘ratio’ it. To ratio someone means to get significantly more likes on a reply to a post than the original post itself – and it’s safe to say the Minecraft community succeded.

Dream’s reply stands at over 180,000 likes at the time of writing, with other creators like George himself, Quackity, and BadBoyHalo getting tens of thousands of likes on their replies of images of rival food chains.

Even YouTuber MrBeast chipped into the Twitter war with an image of his own food chain MrBeast Burger, getting 65,000 likes on his tweet.

Popular streamer ConnorEatsPants replied saying: “Only took ur social media manager a year to realize pandering to Minecrafters is a lucrative endeavor,” to which Wendy’s replied, “who are you?”

Connor then replied with a link to a ‘Boycott Wendy’s’ site, and it didn’t take long before the hashtag #BoycottWendys was trending on Twitter thanks to all these huge names participating in the Twitter beef with the company.

While the Twitter shade seems to have been by-and-large quite lighthearted, it just goes to show how powerful the Minecraft streaming community is when it comes to racking up numbers on social media.

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