TimTheTatman warns more Twitch DMCA bans could hurt small streamers

Michael Gwilliam
TimTheTatman on Twitch tv show metaTwitch/TimTheTatman

Popular streamer TimTheTatman is warning that Twitch’s new TV show meta and subsequent DMCA bans could end up having severe consequences similar to YouTube’s “adpocalypse.”

Many popular Twitch streamers such as Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys and Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang have been banned for watching shows on stream with the latter being hit with a month-long suspension.

Not everyone is on board for the controversial new meta. Notably, Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa said she won’t be partaking in it fearing repercussions from the Amazon-owned platform.

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However, Twitch’s stance on the meta seems to be unclear with the site even reversing a DMCA strike against Hasan. Now, TimTheTatman has stepped in to warn Twitch that this won’t end well for streamers.

TimTheTatman warns Twitch could have its own “adpocalypse”

Speaking to his viewers during a YouTube broadcast, the popular streamer addressed the TV show meta and compared the Google-owned platform with Twitch, explaining how the former has systems in place to deal with DMCA.

“Twitch also needs to have something. They can’t just be, ‘okay, you’re banned. Okay, two days. Okay, you’re back.’ What’s probably going to happen is Twitch is going to make something and it might honestly come down hard on smaller creators,” he said.

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As Tim went on to explain, this issue happened on YouTube and the result was not pretty to say the least.

xQc inside Masterchef studioYouTube: Masterchef / Twitch: xQc
xQc has been watching MasterChef on Twitch without any issues.

“They had this whole thing happen, YouTubers were doing it. They cracked down on it and it hurt a lot of YouTubers that were just smaller channels,” the Complexity streamer added.

Given the controversy surrounding this latest Twitch meta it will be very interesting to see how the platform approaches things in the future and if they heed Tim’s warning.

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