TimTheTatman & NICKMERCS respond as Dr Disrespect’s Twitch legal dispute ends

Lawrence Scotti

YouTube’s TimTheTatMan called Dr Disrespect settling his legal dispute with Twitch “good news,” and teased an upcoming broadcast with a trio of star streamers including NICKMERCS.

Dr Disrespect announced on March 10 that he had settled his legal dispute with Twitch over his mysterious ban. Though he said “no party admits to any wrongdoing” over the situation, it seems as if Doc and Twitch are moving on from the dispute.

The Two-Time was originally banned in the Summer of 2020, eventually moving over to YouTube which has been his home ever since.

Now that his legal battle with the streaming platform has concluded, many have speculated if the development meant that Doc could collaborate with Twitch streamers – something TimTheTatman was eager to explore.

Timthetatman-2000x1270-1-696x442TimTheTatMan has over 4.4 million subscribers on YouTube.

Tim was live on YouTube when he heard of Dr Disrespect and Twitch ending their legal dispute.

The streamer preached cautious optimism over a potential reunion but was already looking forward to the possibilities.

“I mean, dude, I think it’s good news, right?” he said. “It’s really vague. I’ll tell you what, nothing would make me happier if me, NICKMERCS, and Doc can all play again together.”

Everything is up in the air at the moment, and it’s unknown if we’ll see him appear on the Amazon-owned streaming platform in some form.
While Tim was timid about streaming together, NICKMERCS dove in head-first directly asking Doc to stream with him.
“Bet. Apex Ranked?” the streamer replied to Doc’s tweet.

After the announcement, Doc clarified he wouldn’t be rejoining Twitch despite finally coming to an agreement on their situation.

However, this doesn’t rule out potential appearances on Twitch, which haven’t been possible since the ban took place.