TikTok’s “I’ll never forget you” meme: ‘How long do tall people live’ prank goes viral

Phone with the TikTok logoUnsplash: Mourizal Zativa

TikTok users are going viral with their takes on the “I’ll never forget you” meme, which sees them pranking friends and family with song lyrics after creating fake search results for questions like, “how long does a short person live?”

Viral video app TikTok is well-known for being a hub of viral trends and challenges, whether that’s dances to hit songs or popular recipe trends.

There have also been several text pranks that have gone viral in the past, and one that continues to pop up on the app has got people insulting their friends with fake search results.

To begin, someone will google a question such as “how long do tall people live,” “how long does a short person live,” or something related to another characteristic of their friend. They’ll edit the search results to display a range that finishes at their friend’s current age.

After showing these fake results in their TikTok video, they then text their friend some variation of the song lyrics “I’ll never forget you,” using either the Noisettes track ‘Never Forget You,’ or the Zara Larsson track by the same name.

Sometimes, people don’t even know that they’ve been pranked until the video is uploaded, and they see the meaning behind the lyrics along with the fake search result.

Users have come up with all kinds of variations on the trend, from positive spins, to roasts.

The videos participating in the trend are garnering hundreds and thousands of likes and views as people continue to use it to prank their friends and family.

This isn’t the only time there’s been an ‘I’ll never forget you’ trend on TikTok. In May 2021, people were using the popular Noisettes song to talk about some of the people they’ve met that had a big impact on their lives (though this quickly led to some users telling some wild storytimes.)