TikToker’s broken headlight hack goes viral for getting her out of a ticket

TikTok headlight hack 2YouTube: Steve Montes

A TikToker is taking the platform by storm after sharing her jaw-dropping ‘hack’ for dealing with a broken headlight, successfully avoiding a ticket.

TikTok is home to a slew of viral ‘life hacks’ that help users find easier methods to carry out their daily tasks in creative, and sometimes completely unexpected, ways.

While some of these shortcuts are for more general purposes (like curling your hair overnight with socks or cleaning your sheets by ‘laundry stripping’), this particular creator’s life hack helped her get out of a traffic ticket.

TikToker ‘Presley’ owns a Chevrolet Malibu. Her vehicle has a broken headlight, and apparently, it’s not an easy fix.

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According to a commenter who owns the same car, mechanics have to actually remove the entire front bumper in order to replace the bulb — which can rack up quite a charge at the shop.

TikToker headlight hack commentsTikTok: body_by.p

Rather than ponying up the cash for such an expensive procedure, Presley decided on a far less pricey route by purchasing a bunch of stick-and-click lights, which can be purchased on sites like Amazon for a fairly cheap amount.

TikToker goes viral for ‘hack’ to avoid broken headlight

To circumvent her broken headlight, Presley stuck the small stick-and-click lights onto the front of her car, which surprisingly provided a dazzlingly luminous display comparable to the other working bulb.

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To say that commenters were impressed by her ingenuity would be an understatement.

“Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do,” one user wrote.

“A light is a light!” another said.

“A win is a win,” another chimed in, prompting a reply from Presley: “It definitely was a win-win, because I don’t have a ticket.”

TikToker broken headlight hack commentTikTok: body_by.p

Presley’s video has racked up over 22 million views in just five days as users continue to express their amazement at her hilarious life hack — although not everyone is a fan.

Presley also replied to a commenter who was critical of her way of doing things, pointing out that a replacement bulb is “like four dollars.”

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“Not that easy!” Presley responded. “When you have [an] electrical problem, you could buy [an] over $1000 bulb, if it has electrical problems. [It is what it is and I] did what I had to do!”

This is just the latest life hack to go viral on TikTok after one user’s ‘skin-taping’ anti-aging method caught the attention of Julia Fox.