What is TikTok’s sock curling trend? Heatless hair “hack” goes viral

TikTok heatless sock curling methodUnsplash.com: Gabrielle Henderson / TikTok: gillianxgrace

TikTok’s latest beauty trend is a viral “hack” promising to transform straight hair into bouncy curls without using heat. But does it really work?

TikTok is a hive for all sorts of viral content. The site has notably birthed a number of dances, memes, and other trends that have taken the digital world by storm.

The platform is also notable for producing a slew of beauty-related “hacks,” like that viral 70’s hair trend that had everyone breaking out their mom’s hot rollers to look like Farrah Fawcett.

Now, the latest hair hack on TikTok is doing away with heat for a safer, less damaging option by using socks in place of a curling iron.

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What is TikTok’s sock curling hack?

This trend isn’t anything new; people have been curling their hair using heatless methods for literally centuries, and the use of socks is just one of many ways of achieving curls.

However, it’s definitely kicking back up in popularity as folks seek out less damaging ways of achieving the look they want, and it’s taking over TikTok once again.

TikTok’s sock curling trick essentially gives full-bodied curls by weaving socks into sections of damp hair and leaving it overnight.

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How to curl hair using TikTok’s sock curling method

TikTok’s sock curling trick is as follows:

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  • Start with damp hair.
  • Clip a long sock into one section your hair.
  • Criss-cross two sections of hair around the socks (think of it as a sort of loose Dutch braid).
  • Secure the ends of your hair around the sock with a hair tie.
  • Repeat four more times until all of your hair is secured around the socks and wait until dry.

TikTok user Ally Kay gives an in-depth tutorial on the method, which you can view below:

Thus far, this latest heatless hair tack is taking over the app, with a surge of videos trying out the method racking up TikTok’s #sockcurls hashtag.

It certainly seems to do the trick, giving perfectly shaped curls without standing in front of the mirror sweating from the heat of a curling iron for half an hour.