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TikToker Becca Moore’s Uber driver saves the day after Coachella robbery

Published: 3/May/2022 19:33

by Virginia Glaze


TikTok star Becca Moore revealed the “insane” story of how an Uber driver came to her rescue after she was robbed at Coachella — and the heartwarming way she returned the favor.

Becca Moore is a bonafide internet celebrity. Boasting nearly 1 million followers and over 33 million likes on TikTok, she’s made quite a name for herself on the viral video platform.

Moore is best known for her storytime videos, where she lets her 820k viewers in on the more exciting and wild parts of her life — but her most recent tale isn’t just about her.

On April 30, Moore uploaded a video announcing that she had been robbed while attending Coachella a week prior.


Becca Moore helps Uber Driver after Coachella robbery
Instagrm: beccamooore
Becca Moore is an influencer with a huge following on TikTok and Instagram, who’s using her huge fanbase for a good cause.

Moore claimed that a man who’d been “hitting on” her at the music festival ended up pilfering her phone, credit card, and car keys from her purse. She said that a friend standing nearby had heard the man say he would “make this girl talk to me tomorrow” by stealing her things.

Stranded in a strange city with no phone, money, or transportation, Moore was forced to watch as her rental car was towed and had no way of communicating her situation to her friends and family.

Luckily, staff at the hotel where Moore was staying were kind enough to pay for an Uber trip to a nearby Sprint store, where she could pick up a phone to tide her over. Little did they all know that this event would spark a fast friendship.


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@becccamooore the uber driver that saved me from going missing is @buds4u559 ♬ original sound – becca moore

Moore’s Uber driver was soon made aware of her situation. Instead of just dropping her off at her destination and wishing her luck, the driver — Raul Torres — took Moore to a local police station, where she filed a report regarding the theft.

Unfortunately, law enforcement couldn’t do much about the situation. After searching the man’s AirBnB, nothing came of the ordeal, leaving Moore on her own once again.

But Raul wasn’t about to let his client down. Instead, the two searched the AirBnB on their own, finally finding Moore’s phone and credit card near a gate to the grounds.


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@becccamooore thank god he refused to leave me 😭 raul’s tiktok is @buds4u559. also you can donate to the fam in my bio!! thank you all for your donations and generosity. you today, me tomorrow!! #TipsForRaul ♬ original sound – becca moore

After getting Starbucks and margaritas together during the whole ordeal, the two had bonded. Moore was left feeling extremely grateful. She wanted to pay Raul back.

During their time together, Torres revealed that his father was suffering from terminal cancer, without much time left to live. His daughter, a senior in high school, is also undergoing chemotherapy.

Moore knew what she had to do. She set up a GoFundMe to benefit Raul and his family, with an initial goal of $1,000.

However, mere days later, the goal had been smashed at over $50,000, and now sits at a whopping $143,516 at the time of writing.


Torres family gofundme page
GoFundMe: Becca Moore
Moore has been able to raise over $100,000 for her Uber driver and his family.

“Thank God he treated me like a daughter that day, too,” Moore said of her newfound bond with Torres and his family. “‘You today, me tomorrow.'”

Moore’s story has since been picked up by major news outlets as word gets round of the amazing way she was able to return a favor – and how she struck up a lifetime friendship, in the process.