TikTok water bottle craze: Why Cirkul bottle is going viral

Alice Hearing
TikTok Cirkul water bottle viral
TikTok: alyssacasatelli / savv.rose / ketoassbih

TikTok has a habit of making products go viral, from cranberry juice to gorilla glue. In recent weeks everyone has started buying a water bottle that can change the flavor of your drink with the click of a button.

In the past year, certain products have seen sales rapidly rise as a direct result of popular TikTok trends. Ocean Spray cranberry juice benefited massively after Doggface’s skateboarding video, and leggings brand Seasum profited after their products became part of a viral trend.

Right now, everyone is obsessed with a water bottle called Cirkul. Cirkul’s water bottles can change the taste of your drink with just a button, and if you simply want to go back to normal tasting water, you can change it instantaneously.

Cirkul water bottle viral on tiktok
Instagram: victoriagkremer
Cirkul’s website has a range of different flavors to choose from

How does it work?

The Cirkul water bottle comes with a special filter that can be fitted with different flavors such as coffee, tea, peach, or fitness drinks with electrolytes, all with low calories. The specific filters with the flavors inside are only available from Cirkul’s website, but the range of flavors is huge.

TikTokers went viral after testing out the claim’s from the company in their videos and filming their live reaction. One user got hugely excited after adding a peach flavor and twisting up the dial to level 2 for flavor and exclaimed ‘Hello!!” before adding that she thought it tasted just like peach iced tea.

Another TikToker tried the coffee version and claimed it tasted exactly like drinking iced coffee.

Some of the comments on the videos mocked the idea that people will do anything not to drink just straight water, while others lauded the fact that anything to encourage people to stay hydrated can only be a good thing.

You can buy the water bottle from Cirkul’s website, alongside bundles of different flavor packets, but if you’re based outside of the US you may have to wait for the product to become available overseas.