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David Dobrik transforms into an old man with insane makeup

Published: 2/Mar/2021 11:24

by Alice Hearing


Internet sensation David Dobrik has completely transformed himself into an old man with incredible makeup that looks extremely realistic.

Despite a recent spout of allegations against Dobrik, the YouTuber is still marching forward into 2021 with an array of huge projects and business ventures, with his more recent efforts going into his photo-sharing app Dispo.

The internet sensation posted an Instagram photo of himself on Monday night revealing the results of a grueling 9-hour process that turned him from a 24-year old into a very old man.

The look was complete with wispy white hair, which David revealed alone cost $8,000, and a beige-themed outfit including a white shirt, woolly cardigan, and beige chinos.


David Dobrik Dispo Disposable
Instagram: davidsdisposable
The beta version of David’s app Dispo launched in February 2020

No detail was left untouched with Dobrik’s neck given the same texture as his face and made to look slightly gaunt, while his hands were also given wrinkles and sunspots to display signs of aging. He was even given contact lenses to make his look even more convincing.

On Instagram, he noted that he absolutely terrified his parents and added “This is the most f***ing insane makeup I’ve ever worn in my entire life… it’s so scary I can’t stop looking at it!”

As it turns out, the transformation was all part of a new commercial for David’s photo app Dispo which he posted to his second YouTube channel. The commercial shows the older Dobrik crying and looking at polaroid images of him and his friends from the present day. A blonde child then runs in and the pair start playing together, with the message of the ad being to “live in the moment.”


Reactions from his friends and other famous influencers are, of course, hilarious. Toddy Smith commented, “can’t believe you made the carpet match the drapes!!,” while even singer Hailee Steinfeld commented with a fire emoji.

Others took the opportunity to joke about David’s long break from YouTube with one person adding “David when he uploads his next vlog on the main channel.”

In the meantime, the photo-sharing app has found incredible success with recent reports claiming major venture capital firms Sequoia Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, and Benchmark have all expressed interest in investing in the company’s Series A funding round. Additionally, reports claim investors have offered to value the company at $100m or more.