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TikTok Lugnuts challenge: Teachers slam “stupid” new Devious Lick trend

Published: 10/Oct/2021 13:33

by Connor Bennett


TikTok has seen its fair share of dangerous trends over the past year or so, but a new one might take the cake, with users warning others that the lugnuts from their cars are being messed with. 

For most users, TikTok has become synonymous with singing and dancing trends. Artistic users want to show off their talents in different ways, but things have changed over the last year or so.

Take a few scrolls through the For You page and you’ll likely come across a new trend of some kind – be it something as mischievous as the Devious Lick or amusing parodies mocking the ‘Couch Guy’ video.


Some of these trends have gotten dangerous though, and have put users in danger. That includes the newest one where people are apparently messing with cars and their lugnuts.

Bizarre TikTok trend has people stealing random objects from school, like ceiling tiles
Wikimedia Commons
The Devious Lick trend had people stealing random objects from school, like ceiling tiles.

The lugnuts, or locking wheel nuts, are used to keep a vehicle’s tires in place but they can be removed with a wrench and other tools. Though, this is usually reserved for repairs.

However, as TikToker ‘kella.and.skyebot’ flagged, some users are apparently removing them when no one is around in the hopes of causing damage.

According to the user, schools have noted that this is happening as an extension of the ‘Devious Lick’ trend that saw kids do everything from stealing school equipment to completely ruining bathrooms.


@kella.and.skyebotPSA: CHECK YOUR LUG NUTS!!!!!! ##lugnuts ##beware ##lugnutchallenge ##safety ##fyp♬ original sound – Kella Crider

Searching ‘Lugnut challenge’ or ‘lugnuts’ on TikTok will return a few videos showing the damage caused to some cars, but it’s not as widespread as the original ‘Devious Lick’ damage.

@auto9282##lugnutchallenge новый тренд откручивать гайки колёс вместо колпачков♬ LIPSI HA – INSTASAMKA

The new trend wasn’t mentioned in the ‘full list’ of additional challenges that school pupils were apparently planning for the rest of the year, with October apparently being bookmarked as the month to ‘slap a staff member.’

Damaging a car is not only dangerous but also illegal if serious harm is caused, so it remains to be seen if this new trend will be tackled quickly.