TikTok’s controversial Devious Lick challenge set to continue with “slapping” of teachers

Teacher talking to camera next to TikTok logoTikTok: Joakima Mayes/Unsplash

The Devious Lick trend sent schools and TikTok into chaos but there are apparently more to come that could cause even more trouble as time goes on.

TikTok may have started out life as an app for mainly music, dance, and art videos, but it has, more recently, resembled Vine when that was in its heyday.

Some of the app’s most viral trends have come from comedic skits or dangerous pranks, but there haven’t been too many that have gained more notoriety than the Devious Lick.

The trend, for anyone that missed it, had students going into their schools and trying to steal – lick – some form of school property. For many, the bathrooms were the easy targets as soap dispensers, doors, and sinks were ruined. Though, things could be about to go up another notch in a violent manner.

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Bizarre TikTok trend has people stealing random objects from school, like ceiling tilesWikimedia Commons
The Devious Lick trend had people stealing random objects from school, like ceiling tiles.

More TikTok school challenges apparently planned

On September 25, TikToker Joakima Mayes – a teacher herself – started picking up some views when she posted a video about students apparently planning a ‘Smack a Staff Member’ challenge in October.

In warning other teachers, Mayes’ post picked up some steam as she advised others to tell their children that following through with the unusual challenge would be assault.

As the video got around, many commenters agreed that they’d press charges against anyone who may try to target them, while others asked for the full list.

In a follow-up post, the Teacher showed the list of tasks that had apparently been planned for the next few months. On this list was, of course, the Devious Lick and other prior challenges that have done the rounds on TikTok.

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While a handful of the challenges are seemingly harmless – like getting students to skip a day and move signs around the buildings to confuse people – there are a few eyebrow-raising ideas that involve being violent and abusive towards other students, which is concerning.

“Nobody taught these kids about how all of these things are very illegal?” asked one viewer. “Can we start a “turn in all your homework” challenge?” joked another.

Some have questioned if these challenges will actually be followed through on, given just how much controversy the Devious Lick trend created, especially with schools handing out suspensions and other punishments.

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Others have questioned the validity of the email and if it’s all a bit of a ruse for something bigger. Either way, we’ll have to keep an eye on it.