TikTok honors heroic dog who died saving family from wolves

Rosco and the TikTok logoTikTok / Brittany_hayward

TikTok are honoring the heroic three-legged dog Rosco for giving his life to save his family from a pack of wolves.

What was meant to be a nice trip to a beach in Alaska quickly turned sour when a mother, daughter, and three dogs’ lives were put at risk by a pack of wolves who resided there. However, in an act of intense bravery, one of their dogs, Rosco, heroically fought the threatening wolves and saved his family.

The family arrived at the beach and instantly sensed something was wrong due to the silence and lack of wildlife present. But it was their dogs that really began sensing danger. Shortly after they arrived, their suspicions were confirmed when, Smokey, their German Shepherd-Husky cross began chasing one of the wolves. Brittany Hayward told KRBD Community radio that “this wolf was luring him, and they were chasing each other” when referring to the impending attack.

Tiktok Rosco the dogTikTok / Brittany_hayward
Rosco gave his life to save his family in a brave battle with wolves.

The event quickly escalated when both Rosco and Smoky began chasing the wolves together, trying to get them away from mother Brittany Hayward and her daughter. Thankfully, Smokey eventually gave up the fight and came back to safety. However, Rosco continued the battle, quickly becoming outnumbered. Ultimately, Brittany’s desperate attempts to save her beloved three-legged dog proved futile as both the wolves and Rosco disappeared.

After hours of searching an Alaska Fish and Wildlife Officer eventually found Rosco who has succumbed to the injuries caused by the fight.

Brittany then gave a touching tribute to her furry friend on TikTok and the love came flooding in. Many commended to offer their condolences as well as their respect for the brave pup that risked his life for his family. In one of the comments, Brittany honors Rosco by remembering how brave he was and that “he would’ve made the same decision to protect his family again”.

This brave three-legged hero fought valiantly to protect his family and TikTok is making sure he gets the recognition he deserves.