TikTok’s viral Gorilla Glue Girl reveals hair is falling out after dye disaster

Georgina Smith
Gorilla Glue Girl holding her hair
TikTok: im_d_ollady

Tessica Brown, who went viral on TikTok after gluing her hair down with Gorilla Glue adhesive spray, has revealed that her hair is now falling out after she attempted to dye her hair.

The internet was shocked back in February of 2021, when TikTok user Tessica Brown revealed that after running out of her usual Got2B glued hairspray, she opted to use Gorilla Glue spray adhesive instead to secure her hair.

After the video blew up on the app in a big way, Brown was eventually able to go to a plastic surgeon to remove the glue from her hair, seemingly ending the hair saga there.

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But in December, nearly ten months after the original incident, she has now revealed that her hair is falling out after attempting to dye it at home.

Brown said in her new video that she thought her hair was “strong enough to take chemicals” after noticing a few gray hairs, but quickly realized that wasn’t the case.

As she was in the shower rinsing out the dye, her hair began to fall out in large quantities. The TikToker even showed viewers how easily the clumps were falling from her scalp.

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Tessica has yet to update fans on what her next plan of action is at the time of writing, but the comments don’t seem to be particularly sympathetic this time around.

“They ain’t sending you no more money BYE,” one comment with over 70,000 likes reads, another saying, “Ma’am at this point, please leave your hair alone.”

This isn’t the first time the viral creator has made her way back onto people’s radars recently. In November, she released a song titled ‘Ma Hair’ in which she tells the story of that infamous Gorilla Glue incident that made her go viral in the first place.