Tessa Brooks addresses Bryce Hall dating rumors after viral paparazzi photo

Bryce Hall and Tessa Brooks address relationship rumorsYouTube: Bryce Hall

YouTube star Tessa Brooks has finally addressed rumors over her purported romance with Bryce Hall after the TikToker tweeted a flirty paparazzi photo of them together.

Ever since his split from Addison Rae earlier this year, Bryce Hall has been stirring up romance rumors here, there, and yonder with a number of social media stars.

From model Josie Canseco to MTV starlet Tana Mongeau, Hall hasn’t exactly gone exclusive with anyone, leaving fans curious as to who, if anyone, he’s really dating.

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Speculation sparked yet again on December 1, 2021, when Hall posted an old paparazzi photo of himself with beauty YouTuber Tessa Brooks, who appeared to be giving him some pretty flirty glances.


Unfortunately for Hall, his flirty post wasn’t exactly met with the energy he put out there. Brooks notably responded with a photo of Hall with a bloody nose from his boxing match against Austin McBroom — a bout that he ended up losing.

This online interaction isn’t the only thing raising fans’ eyebrows; a TikTok was also recently uploaded that showed Hall putting an arm around Brooks while they were out on the town.

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In the video, Brooks quickly and sternly removes Hall’s arm from around her shoulders, appearing none too pleased about the situation.

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Bryce Hall & Tessa Brooks shut down dating rumors

Just a short while after their Twitter convo, the two influencers have officially addressed the rumors about them… and it looks like these two have a fairly comfortable friendship, although they admitted to locking lips in the past.

During their impromptu Q&A session with fans, Hall admitted that Brooks was just “one of the bros,” with Brooks claiming multiple times that they were just “friends,” saying, “I’m very in love… just not with you.”

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While this isn’t the first time Hall has addressed such rumors with another influencer, it’s clear that there’s nothing going on between these two… but that isn’t going to stop Hall from using it for what he himself called “clickbait.”

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