What is TikTok’s Retirement House? Viral ‘grandfluencers’ surpass 1m followers

The Retirement House members filming a TikTokTikTok: retirementhouse

Fans are absolutely obsessed with the latest group to go viral on TikTok, the Retirement House, with the collective celebrating their 1 million follower milestone after a flood of support on social media.

In the past few years, one of the most significant influencer trends on video-sharing app TikTok has been the concept of ‘houses.’ They usually consist of a group of up-and-coming creators who band together to film content with each other for their fans, often moving into an actual house together at the same time.

Groups like Sway House and Hype House include some of the most popular creators on the app, but with certain houses looking like they’re slowly winding down, it was looking like houses could be a thing of the past altogether.

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But it looks like that’s set to change, as the viral ‘Retirement House’ is here to breathe new life into the concept with a unique twist.

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As the name suggests, members of the older generation are now breaking on to the TikTok scene, with members Peaches, Mabel, Hubert, and Eugene making up the quartet.

They posted the first video introducing themselves on September 24, and they’ve since posted a range of videos that see the loveable stars participate in some of TikTok’s most viral trends, much to the delight of their followers.

In just two weeks, the group managed to go from zero to 1 million followers, celebrating the milestone with a video that had the caption: “Thank you all so much for one million followers! You’ve truly changed our lives in just two weeks. There are so many more smiles and laughs to come. This is only the beginning!”

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Their videos are regularly scoring hundreds and thousands, if not millions of views, and fans are constantly flooding them with supportive comments. “Y’all hiring a gen z hype woman?” one commenter wrote, another saying “I love this side of TikTok.”

It looks like Retirement House’s popularity is only going to continue to rise, as more people stumble across the brand new TikTok house’s content on their For You Pages.