TikTok accused of “stealing” from competitor for new livestreaming app


TikTok has been accused of “stealing” from OBS to make their live streaming platform TikTok Live Studio, and now a representative from OBS has responded. 

TikTok began testing its new streaming software TikTok Live Studio on December 15.

Live Studio was created to allow users to stream directly to TikTok from other devices like gaming consoles or computers, looking to become a competitor to the bigger platforms such as Twitch and YouTube Gaming.

Within days, however, the freshly premiered streaming software generated some buzz on social media for allegedly ripping off their software from a competing company.

TikTok gives creators the freedom to make whatever kind of content they like, including unique and original sounds.

TikTok sparks backlash

A tweet from content creator Naaackers went viral for shining a light on TikTok’s new live streaming platform.

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Naaackers accused TikTok of “stealing” from OBS through their new streaming platform Live Studios.

Since the tweet garnered some attention, the content creator walked back his “stealing” accusation, as some clarified in the comment section that the real problem is that TikTok hasn’t complied with the OBS license correctly.

OBS business developer Ben Torell gave some clarity on the situation and said, “We have a commitment to dealing with GPL violations in good faith, and in the case of TikTok/Bytedance we would be happy to have a friendly working relationship with them as long as they comply with the license.”

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The OBS rep clarified that TikTok was in violation of their licensing policy.

Although, he also said that the company was willing to work with TikTok as long as they’d cooperate accordingly — so we may see this partnership developer over the years if TikTok wants to fully build out it’s platform to be as big as possible.