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KSI praised for stopping concert to help a passed out fan

Published: 13/Oct/2021 18:17

by Virginia Glaze


YouTuber, rapper, and boxer KSI might be feeling overworked lately, but that didn’t stop him from pausing one of his recent concerts to bring medical attention to a fainting fan.

KSI is one of Britain’s most popular influencers, and a well-known face on YouTube the world over. Boasting a combined 37 million subscribers, KSI has come a long way from his beginnings as a FIFA-playing internet funnyman.

Now, KSI is an accomplished music artist, having made three albums and scoring some major features with the likes of Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Offset, and more. Add his internet fame to the mix and it’s safe to say he’s accrued quite the fanbase for himself.


Recently, KSI was touring across Europe, and the work had been taking quite a toll on him. The influencer notably vented his frustrations with his never ending schedule of to-do’s on Twitter, admitting that he was feeling more than a bit burnt out.

That’s not all; KSI even canceled a concert due to fatigue and was encouraged to rest by a doctor. However, that hasn’t stopped him from continuing on with the tour in January… but despite some fans angry over the rescheduling, one woman made sure to shout out the rapper in a heartwarming Tweet.

On October 12, a mother claimed that her son had passed out at one of KSI’s recent shows and stated that the YouTuber had leaped from the stage to bring him medical attention.


“Think it was being too excited and emotional after he met him, now that is a top bloke!” she wrote.

That’s not all; the mum also shared a video of the entire encounter, which corroborates her claim, showing a concerned KSI pausing the music and calling out to the young fan.

“Hey yo, is my man over here good?” KSI asked. “Hey bossman, you alright? Can we get someone to check him out?”

A concerned KSI can be seen laying a hand on the lad’s shoulder as he was whisked away by security to receive medical care, making for a truly heartwarming moment and certainly giving the youngster a fascinating story to share in the future.


KSI himself responded to the video, writing, “Glad he’s okay.”

This moment has garnered a lot of praise for KSI online, with many commenters remarking on the rapper’s humility and generosity for completely halting a show to help one of his fans — something not unlike singer Billie Eilish’s recent callout to security during her performance at the Governors Ball.