Nmplol explains bizarre Airbnb issues during Mizkif’s OTK anniversary event

nmplol explains otk anniversary event troublesTwitch, nmplol / OTK Network

Twitch streamers Nmplol and Melena explained some of the issues they had with the owner of an Airbnb during Mizkif’s OTK Anniversary event.

The ‘One True Kings’ organization consists of popular streamers, including Mizkif, Asmongold, Nmplol, Sodapoppin, and others. While celebrating their one-year anniversary on stream, it was apparent to viewers there were quite a few camera and personnel issues throughout the event.

Once home, Nick ‘nmplol’ Polom and his girlfriend, Melena Tudi, discussed the issues that they say were caused by the host of the Airbnb they had rented for the celebration.

Some of the issues included the owner allegedly inviting friends and family over, as well as limiting what the OTK members could and couldn’t do for content.

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Nmplol joins OTKOTK Network
Nmplol joined OTK in October 2020.

Airbnb issues during Mizkif’s event

The couple explained that, at the beginning of the OTK stream, some uninvited guests had shown up to the anniversary event. Melena explained to Nick: “Our security guard wouldn’t let them in, but the owner of the house came out and told him to let her friends in.”

When asked why they didn’t stop the owner, Nick explained that they didn’t want to cause a major issue. “I was getting major ‘Karen’ vibes,” he explained.

“I’m the first person to tell someone I make too much money to keep dealing with their s**t. I wanted to tell her, ‘If you keep annoying me, I’ll buy the house beside you and be your neighbor,’ but I held back. I personally didn’t want any sort of thing to happen.”

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The Airbnb host allegedly didn’t stop with just a few friends, according to Tudi. She claimed that the owner had also invited over her sister’s husband and their kid. “This was a party for her, this wasn’t a party for anyone else.”

That wasn’t the only issue, either; the owner of the Airbnb allegedly took photos of the creators without their permission, as well. Melena explained to Nmplol, “I wonder if she’s gonna post these pictures and say that we’re her friends?”

Issues with the owner weren’t the only thing that went wrong during the stream. The couple also apologized for the camera flickering during parts of the broadcast as the uninvited party guests took further photos of the goings-on.

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The OTK members will likely decide to hold the next event at one of their own houses to prevent issues with such a host again.