WWE’s The Miz claims Logan Paul has “exceeded” training expectations for WrestleMania 38

Logan Paul training for WWE debutYouTube: WWE

Logan Paul could have a bright future ahead as a sports entertainer with the WWE as his WrestleMania 38 tag team partner The Miz claims training is going far better than expected.

After a handful of on-screen appearances throughout 2021, Paul is officially set to make his in-ring wrestling debut at the grandest stage of them all, WrestleMania 38. With WWE star The Miz in his corner, the pair are booked for a match against Rey Mysterio and his son Dominik. 

While some may think he’s just waltzing into AT&T Stadium on March 2 without much thought, the social media star appears to be putting in the work and training properly for his debut.

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A new behind-the-scenes video uploaded to WWE socials reveals Paul has been preparing at Orlando Performance Center, where many of the company’s top stars also trained. In just a few short weeks, not only has he “exceeded” expectations, according to The Miz, but he could also be gearing up for a longer run than anticipated.

“Training Logan Paul has been one of the easiest celebrity trainings I’ve ever done,” WWE legend Shane ‘The Hurricane’ Helms said. From Bad Bunny to Floyd Mayweather, plenty of mainstream stars have stepped into the squared circle for one-off spectacles, but Paul already appears to be going above and beyond given his “natural” abilities.

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“Natural athlete, natural charisma, natural personality,” Helms added. “It’s just a matter of feeding him a little bit of information and he processes it. It’s been super easy.”

“[For] Logan Paul, I had a bar set,” his future tag partner The Miz explained. “He has exceeded the bar every step of the way. This kid is on another level.”

Early footage showed Paul training for quite an acrobatic style. One sequence in particular, even teased a potential top-rope maneuver could be expected on the night.

Claiming that professional wrestling is a “very tough sport,” it hasn’t been an easy road for Paul during his preparations. “Every day is harder than the last,” he said.

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“There’s always more to learn. You come in, your muscles are fatigued, you’re sore, then you’ve gotta do it again the next day.”

Though the effort appears to be paying dividends already as both The Miz and Helms claimed there’s a “big future” for Paul in the WWE. One that he certainly seems open to after his WrestleMania debut.

“I don’t think Logan’s done after Mania. If you wanted to do this full-time, you could do it,” The Miz said. “No doubt. I’ve never seen a person faster at getting things. Ever.”